Monday, March 14, 2011

Divide and Conquer

Last night Tom called me up to record some songs he's been working on for a while with his side band Divide and Conquer. There's a weird history here, because he actually originally recruited me for Divide and Conquer and instead we became Robocop. We also used two D&V songs for Robocop (Although they were disemboweled and new lyrics were added). So it's as weird for me as it is for you that he's doing new Divide and Conquer stuff that sounds like it could be for Robocop.

Anyway, Tom had a pretty specific idea about how this would be recorded, and I attempted to facilitate. We actually recorded this whole thing on an old Shure mic in one long take for each instrument and seperated tracks later. I'm surprised I was able to pull anything remotely listenable out of it, but it actually sounds pretty cool. My part as a recording engineer was very minimal. I told him to use my Boss pedal, and spent maybe 2 hours mixing. Anyway, with his permission I'll post the whole thing here for download. In the meantime, here's the second track:
Divide and Conquer - Track 2 by ryanpage

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