Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've mentioned before that doing compilations is, as of late, one of the only ways to get myself to listen to new music. I'm always perpetually behind, and generally have an eye to the past rather than new music, mainly because I can't stand disappointment. I also feel that being in a band has clouded my opinion of hardcore music from the past 10 years or so. Anyway, recently we've been asked to do a number of comps, and I always agree, because it forces me to be less of an insular asshole.

So, first up is the (sensibly titled) Grinding Aftermath compilation (available here) from Grind to Death and American Aftermath. I'm a bit surprised that I know about half the bands on this one, but it looks like GTD made some high profile asks, so cool. Otherwise, I enjoy the comp, there seems to be less of the "cyber-grind" thing going on here, and more live bands, so maybe that's why its more to my liking. Anyway, its worth giving a listen, I think. Thanks to Alex Layzell for including us.

The next comp comes from a blog I've been really impressed with. Operation Grindcore has been around  for only a couple of months (when it was started by an individual 6 years younger than myself) and he has already been able to conduct multiple interviews, score features from members of the more visible bands from the scene, and, finally, there's been this compilation. This will be released digitally as well as both a c.d. and cassette, which is good, because there's something about a physical release that allows people to give a fuck. Body Hammer is also on this one. Actually, its an unreleased track (although it has been posted on this blog), so there's that. Pick up a physical copy here, digital here.