Friday, November 18, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Projects with Dead Media

The top video is the first in a series of experiments involving the physical manipulation of laserdiscs to create distortions in the video over time. The video was recorded on my macbook and hence is not optimal.

The second is a group project I was involved with using radio as a signal generator for a CRT, with changes due to electromagnetic interference, and the use of a photocell.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hardcore Roar: Change Your Fucking Name

This is a currently unpublished (edit: they actually did, in a edited version, here) letter to the editor of my former college's newspaper.

"As a University of Maine alumni and former writer as well as subject of various Maine Campus articles on metal and hardcore, I have been following the Maine Campus' Hardcore Roar column with increasing frustration. I feel that it fundamentally misrepresents the community it supposedly speaks (roars?) for, and serves to misinform a possible audience of a genre of music that has been mangled by the press for 30 years.

Out of ten articles only one has even a tenuous connection to hardcore music, and the piece in question only serves to further misinform the readership by making numerous incorrect claims, most that a cursory attempt at fact checking would have discovered. The main assertion of the article, that hardcore is a derivation of emo is false by definition. The term emo is derived from the term "emotional hardcore", much in the same way that punk rock is derived from the term "rock and roll".

More important than misstating a genre's history is that the articles, taken together, create an impression that hardcore is another term for radio-friendly rock music. Linkin Park, who are not, by any stretch of the imagination, a hardcore band, are cited multiple times, and yet genre founders Black Flag and Minor Threat have yet to show up. Even watered-down, popular manifestations of the genre like Hatebreed have not made an appearance, and it goes without saying that no mention of the current underground, local or otherwise, occurs. Relevant derivations, like power-violence and grindcore are completely ignored.

If the article's author wants to write about popular music I strongly suggest he change the name of his column. For those who are familiar with the genre, it will be simply annoying, my concern is that those who are not are being told, on a weekly basis, that hardcore is the same mainstream rock music many are looking to get away from."

Here is a link to one of the many articles that sparked me to write this.