Friday, September 20, 2013


The last year of radio silence was unfortunate. I’m not sure how I feel about keeping up something for years. I’m continually embarrassed by things I’ve said/done in the past and having a blog is a bit too clear an indicator of why that’s the case.

I’ve decided that rather deleting it, I’m going to simply update and proceed from there. I’ve chosen not to attend Columbia (for this year at least), and consequently I may potentially have more time for things like blogging.

The most important news is that the new Body Hammer album is finished. While it would be problematic to claim that something I’ve spent the past five years on is “about” something, what I attempted to construct toward the end was an integration of mythological structures and imagery into the material which has been my M.O. on the last five or so releases. I was particularly influenced by the worldview imposed by dead or chimeric media, urban legends, Sir James Frazers’ The Golden Bough, and my own mythologizing of Northern New England before and after fleeing to Northern California. The latter fits into a number of personal experiences that made their way into the work. It documents in an abstracted form, the paranoia and desperation of the short period in which it took its final form. It will be released on cd via The Path Less Traveled Records, and I am working with Viral Graphics on the packaging, we're only at the planning stage, but the ideas we are passing back and forth are incredibly exciting. See below for a track from the album.

Additionally, Body Hammer was featured on the first Monomaniac compilation from Blastbeat Mailmurder. Dog Star Man, will be featured, albeit in an altered form, on the upcoming full-length.

Similarly, Luke and I have completed the first e.p. post Robocop. There will be more information released about that soon, but expect a tape in the next couple months and a digital release via GK. This was our response to Dead Language, Foreign Bodies and my brief desire to cut punk out of what we were doing. It is also the most viciously angry I've been in years.

Other releases/collaborations include a split between Ben Tinker and The Heroic Quartet (via Tumeric Magnitudes) and a solo album from Ben Tinker (via Khalija). I mastered the split and performed on The Heroic Quartet's side.

Finally, expect a demo from a new grindcore/power electronics group featuring my shitty guitar playing in the next year. Once again, more details forthcoming.

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  1. WOOHOO!

    ok well not the part where you've been angry and maybe things haven't worked out so well. but hopefully turning that into more kickass music is ultimately a net positive. meanwhile i'll be the snoopy dance with joy waiting for new stuff.