Friday, October 4, 2013

Slavestate - Masochist

So the first e.p. that Luke and I worked on together after Robocop is now out. It was written, recorded and mixed in a 24 hour session where we attempted to build an aesthetic from the ground up. It was an interesting experience in DIY and I think the results are pretty unique. It is definitely not without precedent, and influences come through clearly, as always. Swans, Skin Chamber, MITB, Godflesh, SPK are all there in germinal form.

On this recording, we created our own microphones from aluminum cans and piezo discs, software for structuring lyrics, semi-working hydrophones, and made our best attempt at drowning ourselves by screaming underwater. I think part of my goal was to look at our influences, and our beginnings as a hardcore band, and try to make in unfamiliar. It really depresses me to see so many people fuck up this kind of music. It should fairly apparent what I think of ironic retro acts from the track "Screwdriver", similarly I hope to avoid the pretension of attempting to link it to whatever "high art" is in vogue. This is something that is a focus of my work lately. The past is important, but I think we should investigate how we incorporate previous perspectives rather than simply retread them. Otherwise you end up creating more material to be easily appropriated as cultural capital or trivia some ironic dick head will use to get laid.

The title 'Masochist' was provided by Luke, he said it encapsulated our working process, and reminded me of how literal that was (I used to have him hit me with a belt in between vocal takes to maintain energy).

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  1. awesome. this is the kind of sound i've been hearing in my head for years. i had no idea how much DIY technical shit went into recording it though. that makes it all doubly impressive.